Whether you have a supercar or simply a car that you care about then you should turn to Bridport Tyres for alloy wheel refurbishment.

All wheels are given a full factory refurbishment. The wheels are stripped back to bare metal and given three coats; powder coat primer, wet coat colour then clear lacquer.

We do not offer the cosmetic surface repairs undertaken by mobile operators so our wheel refurbish process delivers long lasting results.

We can refurbish your wheels with a similar finish or, if you prefer, we can provide a different finish or even a custom paint job.

Alloy Wheel Finishes

Standard Paint Finish, Chrome Paint Finish, Diamond Cutting (on the face or Rim of Wheel) with a Standard Paint Finish, Colour Coding

As part of the refurbishment proses you wheels may need some repair work.

Alloy Wheel Repair Services

Straightening and welding, curbed and scuffs, Buckled / bent and cracked, pothole damage, corrosion, spit rims etc.

Before Images

After Images

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