You need to be confident in your car’s handling in any and all conditions. We at Bridport Tyre & Auto Repair Specialists can help you achieve that with a set of high quality all weather tyres which give you the control you need in the winter, as well as the efficiency and performance you need in the summer and all year round.

all season tyres

All season tyres differ from both winter and summer tyres in that they have a tread pattern that performs equally well in any conditions, wet or dry. Most also have  the kind of serrated tread edges common to winter tyres, which serve to direct snow and slush away from the tyre’s centre line. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are made of an entirely different type of rubber compound, which stays soft in the freezing temperatures of the local winters as well as retaining its shape when the sun is cracking the pavement.

Many people opt for all-season tyres for the simple reason that they do not wish to have to change between summer and winter sets, or to store their off-season set themselves. Branded, high performance all-season tyres negate this problem altogether, and provide excellent grip, control and acceleration in virtually any conditions.

Whether you choose summer, winter or all season tyres, making sure your tyres are in good condition is of ultimate importance. 9 times out of 10, a new summer tyre will outperform a bald winter tyre in even the worst conditions, and a brand new set of all-weather tyres will be much more effective in ensuring your safety than any set that is past its prime.

Let us check your tyre wear and tread depth

Let us check your tyre wear and tread depth next time you’re in, or make a special trip. We’ll let you know if you need new tyres, and can offer you professional advice on what tyres you need to achieve safety, performance and cost effectiveness.

Driving on worn tyres is not only a potential violation, it is extremely unsafe. The more tread depth you have, the better your tyres will perform, no matter what.