Summer is almost here, and it is time to consider shelving those winter tyres for the season and getting a nice new set of high performance summer tyres. You don’t need that heavy tread slowing you down, and summer driving could be wearing your expensive winter tyres down much faster than you think!

Summer tyres are of course specially designed to perform better in the warmer months of the year, and to handle rain much better than snow and ice. The rubber an d other materials that go into their construction maintain their firmness even in the hottest conditions, where as a winter tyre is designed to stay relatively soft even when the road freezes.

Then there is the tread pattern. Summer tyres have a tread that is specially designed to provide speed, efficiency and acceleration in dry conditions, yet maintain road contact and control even in standing water. The deeper tread of winter tyres, while excellent at channelling mud and slush, isn’t really meant to handle rain, and can underperform in warm wet conditions.

summer tyres

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