There can be little doubt – British winters are getting bad again. Snow is once again common, and icy conditions make for bad driving conditions much more often than we’d like. For that reason, more drivers than ever are opting to have winter tyres fitted during the wettest and coldest part of the year.

Winter tyres differ from summer tyres (and to a lesser extent from all weather or all season tyres) in that they are made of a rubber material which retains its flexibility and grip even at very low temperatures. In many conditions where a summer tyre might be too stiff and loose traction, a winter tyre will retain its ability to control your vehicle (and stop quickly).

Winter tyres

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Another important difference between summer and winter tyres is the design of the treads. Winter tyres, obviously, are designed to work better in snow, slush, and the difficult driving conditions that characterise the colder months. They have a deep tread, with serrations which extend right to the edge. These channel slush (and to a lesser extent mud) away from the centre line of the tyre, ensuring maximum contact with the road surface.

Whether you are in the market for winter, summer or all season tyres, we want to make sure you get the best possible deal, along with the best possible performance. New tyres are almost always better than old, and there are times when a new summer tyre will handle an icy patch or a snow drift better than a very bald set of winter tyres. No matter what you use, it needs to be in good condition.

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Let us check your tyres and the wear of your treads the next time you pop in for another service – or even make a special trip. We’ll be able to tell you if you do need new tyres, and if so we can offer you advice about how to achieve the best performance at the lowest cost.

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